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iOS 8 Suggested Apps

October 15, 2014

New in iOS 8 are lock-screen suggested apps on iOS 8.    There has been much speculation on how there work, but no definitive confirmation from Apple, even in their forums.   I now have a request from a client to leverage these, which is difficult given the typical opacity from Apple.      It seems here is what is known:

1) Based on location (DUH)

2) Installed apps use a different suggestion mechanism than apps which aren’t installed.

3) Installed apps can pay attention to app established geofences, etc.  And if you’re within one of their registered geofences, (or an iBeacon range) then an app will appear on the lockscreen in the lower left.

4) Apps that haven’t been installed rely on some undisclosed Apple Algorithm, likely related to their correlation of an App, and their Maps data for that’s businesses locations.  There doesn’t appear to be anyway to influence Apple on this currently through the app submission process… However I have a few levers to pull to ferret this out.  This is the use case which I think most App developers are interest in, as it’s a novel way to promote an app apart from the chaos that is the app store.

5) Yes they can be turned off in Settings->iTunes & App Store->My Apps / App Store…     annoying that most the posts are on how to disable the feature, rather than how to leverage them.

6) Feature is enabled by default.

Will test this out in the next few days and report back.