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Golf Cold Weather Update

December 13, 2009

After galavanting about the globe for much of November, I’m finally back in Denver.    I flew back in from my last trip and it was 2° F when I landed.     Car started no problem…    My 2002 TDI would probably have had issues with that… at the very least it would have left a big cloud of black smoke.   No smoke from the new TDI engine

Mileage is somewhat impacted by the cold, however…    I couldn’t seem to get better than 39 MPG on the freewway north to Cheyenne the other night.  (I was expecting around 48MPG)   The car was plenty warm, and I don’t think it was a headwind issue, since the return trip was comparable.    I wave averaging about 72 MPH…  So I can only chock that up to it being 20°F out.

Average Mileage for the second full tank: 42MPG with a pretty even blend of city / highway.    That tank was a mixture of hyper-miling and not though… I should be past engine break in soon when I’ll resume my fuel miserly ways.