Bingo the GreatBen Bruckhart

a.k.a. bingosabi

Writes iPhone apps at Ontomni.com along with wearing a dizzying array of other hats at the startup.    This includes Marketing, which he resents, Support which he sometimes resents, and Coding which it seems that he rarely gets to do, but is really what he gets paid for.

Having had a blog on his business card for the past year, he finally decided it was time to put something at the link.  Initially most the iPhone SDK stuff was all under NDA.   This restriction has eased somewhat, and now that 3.0 is out he *thinks* he can blog some things about that too.

Failing that, there is always cheesemaking, and all the other esoteric “I should write that down so i don’t forget it” things which frequently pop into his head.   OH!    And interesting Pictures, etc.


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